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Welcome Massege by Executive Director

It gives me an honor to welcome you to Nkuzi Development Association Website. I hope you will enjoy our site and learn more about our work with the marginalize communities in accessing their land rights. Your feedback is welcome.

During the opening of parliament South Africans woke up to exciting and shocking news about the reopening of the land claims by President Jacob Zuma. It has always been a call of the land sector NGOs that many genuine claimants were left out due to the failure of government to reach everybody with the message and providing adequate time and less complicated procedures for lodgment. This call was also made during the Land Summit held in Johannesburg in 2005 in which NGOs agreed and challenged government to explore the idea and implement it.

This news were shocking to the land sector since less progress was made with regards to current claims lodged, and a concern emerged that how will we know how the Regional Land Claims Commission (RLCC) is doing if they mix old claims and new ones? As civil society we continued to ask the sincerity of the government in this regard and suspected that land as an emotive issue is ANC not using it to gain the lost ground? However we were shocked to hear that the opening date scheduled for the 20th June 2013 has been postponed due to some legal challenges. As the organization we have submitted our inputs into Amended Bill circulating around the reopening of the claims.

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Nkuzi Development Association The Executive Director Motlanalo Lebepe


Nkuzi Development Association at Mogalakwena(Student Uniform Handover)


Woman International Day Celebration ,Hosted by Nkuzi Development Association The event was held at The Chuene Resort